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Janice is outraged to see Mick's injuries and believes his story that Les had acted out of jealousy. Les meets with his solicitor, Wendy Clements. He's advised that backed by the two statements from Mick and Emma, he'll be charged with assault. Mike tells Tommy and Kevin about Katy and Tyrone's exploits and warns them that he may go to the police. Kevin warns Tyrone that he could lose his job if Mike prosecutes. Les returns home on bail. Mick warns Emma that they need to stick together in the face of Les's accusations, or they themselves could face prison. Joe is thinking of taking Karen with him to a trade fair in Wolverhampton - Mike warns him that he's playing with fire. Karen is suspicious of Joe's motives for taking her. Shelley warns Blanche to keep out of the wedding arrangements. Blanche runs to Peter, saying that she's seen a new shrewish side to Shelley. Katy is forced by her parents to apologise to Mike. Tracy watches Peter squirm as she tells Shelley about the cheating husband who did the dirty on her pregnant boss. Tracy insinuates to Peter that she'll spill the beans unless he helps her out financially. Les goes to see Emma but she's not in and instead demands that Curly help him as his councillor. Curly gives him short shrift and throws him out. Mike teaches Tyrone a lesson by asking him to return a non-existent wad of £10 notes that are supposedly missing from his flat. Emma confides in Curly - he's horrified to hear of her part in Les's fit-up.


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