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Emma is furious with Mick, as Les lies injured on the floor. Faced with being in deep trouble himself, Mick has no choice but to arrest Les for assaulting a police officer. Emma is frustrated and angry, but calls for back-up for the arrest. Peter is remorseful as it dawns on him how badly he's treated Shelley - he assures her that he wants to go ahead with the wedding. Tony Stewart tells Jason that there may be a job for him at his building site. As Les is taken away in a police van, Emma keeps quiet despite Les's pleas for her to tell the truth. Mick is scared of the consequences of his lack of control. Steve has to collect Les's abandoned car. Mick is advised to get his injuries photographed as he discloses the personal relationship between him, Emma and Les. Emma doesn't contradict Mick's story, but is obviously uncomfortable. Angela admits to Tommy that she knew that Katy was seeing Tyrone. Peter gives Shelley his word that he'll never go missing again, and that he's not having cold feet about the wedding. Emma accuses Mick of being a disgrace to the uniform, but agrees to match their statements. Tracy is disgusted with Peter for taking the easy option and living a lie with Shelley. Mike catches Katy and Tyrone in his flat and realises that they had taken his car too - he threatens to call the police and throws them out. Emma doesn't give Curly the full story. She feels guilty when Curly gives her his unquestioning support. A devastated Les is locked up in a cell.


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