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Peter is hung-over and distraught. He's been up all night fretting. Sarah asks Martin if it's okay for Todd to stay the odd night while Gail is away. Martin reluctantly agrees. Eileen is delighted when Todd remembers it's Mother's Day and gives her a card. Janice is more determined than ever that she's going to get a divorce from Les. Katy phones Louise Crawley, an old friend from Sheffield whilst in Mike's flat. Lucy is furious with Tracy for witnessing her wedding whilst knowing what Peter was up to. She fires Tracy from the florist's. Tracy is furious with Peter and blames him for her losing her job. Tyrone tries to kiss Katy but she pushes him away explaining that she doesn't fancy him. Tyrone is disappointed. Todd stays over at No.8 and he and Sarah have a mock fight. Les has another go at Mick and Janice across the bar. Janice is upset. Peter forces his way into Lucy's flat and pleads with her to take him back. Lucy refuses. She says she's leaving her flat and shop. Janice asks Mick to move in with her. He agrees. Shelley arrives back at the Rovers. She's brought her mum Bev with her to stay. Lucy gets in her van and drives off. Peter is heartbroken.


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