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Lucy, Tracy and friend Mandy Pearce prepare for the wedding. In desperation Peter tells Shelley that he can't stay for the wake and has to leave immediately for an important meeting. Shelley is furious with him. Lucy tells Tracy that she's booked a surprise honeymoon for them in a couple of weeks' time. Joe goes out for lunch with a girl called Lisa Ibbetson just to make Karen jealous. Ashley phones Harry and asks him to come over and see where they're going to put Maxine's memorial bench which was paid for with the raffle money. Peter is late for his wedding. Lucy is distraught and thinks he's changed his mind. She accuses Tracy of hiding something. Tracy is about to spill the beans about Shelley when Peter turns up. Lucy and Peter are married. Fred asks Harry to reconsider taking his job back at the Rovers. Harry agrees. Peter phones Shelley and she apologises for shouting at him. She suggests she comes home straight away but Peter manages to put her off saying that her mother needs her. Shelley agrees.


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