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Tracy asks Peter which he's going to attend, his wedding or Sharon's funeral in Bradford. Peter attends Sharon's funeral with Shelley. Shelley's mum Bev is very upset. Karen and Steve are getting on really well. Joe persuades Mike that Underworld should branch into men's designer underwear. Gail asks Archie to sort out Richard's funeral. She wants the least fuss with no guests and no service. Joe comes on to Karen again in the factory. She tries to ignore him. Later Joe pretends to chat up a girl on the phone. Karen is immediately jealous. Lucy is excited to be getting married in three hours' time. Tracy feels guilty for not putting her straight about Peter. Audrey tells Gail that Stephen wants to treat them all to a holiday in Canada. Mike asks Kevin if he'll service his car for him while he's away playing golf. After the funeral Peter tries to leave, telling Shelley that he's got a meeting but Shelley demands that he stays to support her. Peter realises that he's going to miss his wedding with Lucy.


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  • First appearance of Bev Unwin, initially credited as "Beverley Unwin".
  • TV Times synopsis: Peter promises Lucy that he'll marry her, while also vowing to Shelley that he'll stick by her. Meanwhile, Joe gets himself a date merely to spite Karen, and Gail wants nothing to do with the arrangements regarding Richard's body.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 15,630,000 viewers (2nd place).
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