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Peter confides in Tracy about the funeral and the wedding. Tracy is unsympathetic. Karen and Steve have spent the night making up. Karen forces Steve to throw a sickie so they can spend the day together. Peter panics when his mobile rings in front of Shelley and Lucy has obviously changed the ring tone to "Here Comes the Bride". In desperation, Peter suggests to Lucy they could postpone the wedding. Lucy refuses. Martin calls round to No.6 again and teaches Katy how to inject. Fred apologises to Harry and asks him to come back to work. Harry considers it. Steve apologises to Joe for thumping him. Joe reiterates that there was nothing going on and looks regretfully at Karen. Shelley calls into the florist's. She sees that Lucy is pregnant and congratulates her. Tracy manages to stop Shelley from talking about her wedding in July. Lucy feels terrible when Shelley explains that her sister has died. Later Tracy is furious with Peter for the untenable position he's put her in. Jack and Kirk decide to "go into business" together doing magazine competitions. They agree to split any winnings 50/50. The police call on Gail and tell her that they have now released Richard's body. Peter tries to back out of going to the funeral with Shelley, but Shelley gets upset and insists that he escorts her. Peter is really panicking.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Peter wants to escape the commitments he has made to the two women in his life; Martin tries to help Katy come to terms with her condition; and Gail receives disturbing news about Richard.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 14,140,000 viewers (6th place).
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