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Tommy is furious with Tyrone, Jason and Kirk thinking that they got Katy drunk. They explain that she didn't have any alcohol but Tommy doesn't believe them. Steve is frantically looking for Karen. He knows that she's out with Joe and is in torment. Tracy and Lucy go out for a drink. Tracy stops herself from telling Lucy about Shelley but she is disgusted with Peter for lying. Martin hears about Katy and goes round to see her. He calls an ambulance and she's rushed to hospital in a coma. Tommy and Angela are distraught. Joe comes on to Karen in the Rovers. He confesses that he fancies her. She admits that she fancies him but tells him that she loves Steve and is faithful to him. Much to Joe's disappointment she leaves the pub without him and goes home. Martin tells Angela and Tommy that Katy isn't drunk, she's got diabetes. Steve accuses Karen of having an affair with Joe. She tells him that he's wrong and that she's remained faithful to him. Steve doesn't believe her and is so wracked with jealousy that he tells Karen she'll have to resign from her job. Karen refuses thinking Steve is being ridiculous but he then gives her an ultimatum: leave her job or he's throwing her out.


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