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Steve finds out that Joe is taking the factory girls for a night out. Kirk wins a year's supply of toilet paper in a competition. Tyrone can't believe his luck when Katy asks him to take her for a drink in the Rovers but she just wants to get out of having to cook Tommy and Craig's tea. Kirk tells Jason and Tyrone how he's got the edge with women. Audrey suggests to Gail that she and the children should have a holiday but Sarah and David say they'd rather stay at home and get back to a normal life. Joe takes the factory girls to an Irish pub for St Patrick's night. Janice isn't impressed. Tracy realises that Peter still hasn't told Shelley that he's leaving her and has lied to Lucy. Fred persuades Ashley that it would be a good idea to hire a nanny for Joshua. Joe offers to take the factory girls on to a club but Janice rows with Karen and the girls leave. Joe and Karen go to a club by themselves. Katy, who hasn't had any alcohol, sways and falls over unconscious in the Rovers. Janice tells Steve that Karen is a slapper and has gone clubbing with Joe. Steve is furious.


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