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David manages to get out of the car and swim to safety. Sarah struggles to free Bethany but manages to do so and they reach the water's surface. Gail is having greater problems as Richard is trying to stop her getting out of the car. Tommy comes to her rescue and eventually Richard lets go. Gail is made safe. Tommy dives in again to look for Richard but finds the car empty. He has to give up. Audrey, Archie, Norris and Rita among others are in the Rovers awaiting news. Karen goes out for a business dinner with Joe and client Chrissy Barker, who is thoroughly rude to Karen. Steve is worried that there's something going on between Karen and Joe and later turns up at the restaurant. Karen is furious and sends him packing. Martin thanks Tommy for saving his family's life. Angela thinks Tommy is a hero. Sarah promises to Audrey when they get back to look after David and Bethany. Peter spends the night with Lucy while Shelley is away. Harry looks after the pub for him. Peter feels the baby kick for the first time. He's delighted. The police haul a body out of the canal. Gail goes to identify the body. Audrey goes with her. She confirms that the dead body is that of Richard Hillman. Her ordeal over, Gail throws her rings into the canal.


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