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Richard tells Gail he can't live without her, and refuses to consider giving himself up to the police. He ties her up with gaffer tape and leaves a written confession in an envelope on the side in the living room absolving her of any responsibility for his crimes. Gail is able to pick up a pair of nail scissors without Richard noticing. He explains to Gail that he always wants to be by her side and that he loves her and the kids. Gail realises that Richard is intent on a suicide pact and fears for the worst. She is led to the garage where she finds Sarah and David tied up with tape and gagged in the back seat of the car while Bethany is asleep having been given sedatives. Gail asks to give a goodbye kiss to the children and uses the opportunity to pass the scissors to Sarah. Gail is then gagged and put in the front seat and Richard switches on the engine. He switches on the radio playing the song You and Me from their holiday in Florida as Sarah tries to free David. Audrey calls round to see Gail, there's no reply and the door is bolted from the inside. Audrey is concerned. Martin comes over and they hear the music and running engine in the garage and realise that Richard is trying to kill the whole family. Tommy and Kevin force the garage door open. Richard in desperation drives at them. Tommy, Kevin and Martin give chase in another car. Katy phones the police. Norris who's seen the whole thing tells everyone in the Rovers what's going on. Sarah and David manage to free themselves and David fights with Richard for control of the wheel while Sarah frees Gail, but it's too late; Richard drives to the canal-side and straight off the end. The car plunges into the canal. In the murky depths of the water the kidnapped occupants desperately struggle to escape.


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Richard Hillman: "It's them lot out there that want to hurt us. They won't leave us alone. They'll never leave us in peace, Gail. They'll never leave us to get on with our lives. And the truth is... if we can't live together as a family, then the only option... is for us to die together as a family."


Richard Hillman: (Just prior to the car hitting the water) "This is it. I love you!"

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