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Katy doesn't feel well again but Angela insists she goes to school. Tommy and Angela plan to take the kids bowling. As Katy isn't well Angela says they'll take David instead. Gail calls in to the medical centre to tell them that she'll be starting back at work tomorrow. Sarah and David start back at school. Shelley gets a call to say that her sister Sharon has got to have an endoscopy. Shelley returns to Bradford to visit her. Peter calls Lucy. Karen asks Mike to let her have a chance at dealing with the clients but Mike refuses. Joe however disagrees with Mike and decides to give Karen a break. He invites Karen out to dinner with himself and a client. Karen is delighted. Craig calls round to No.8 to collect David to go bowling and is puzzled when there's no reply. A terrified David is inside being held by Richard. He can hear Craig calling but he can't do anything. Jason meets his dad Tony Stewart for a drink. They get on really well. Sarah arrives back home with Bethany. She too is terrified to find Richard there. Gail sees a solicitor to find out where she stands with regard to hers and Richard's finances. When she returns, she is horrified to find Richard in the house. There's no sign of Sarah, David or Bethany and she goes frantic demanding to know what he's done to them.


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