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Sunita offers to go into town with Ashley to buy some new clothes for Joshua. Ashley is grateful. Sarah and David worry that they should be trying to earn some money to help Gail with the bills. Martin tells them it isn't necessary. Peter again tries to find the right moment to tell Shelley that the wedding is off but again fails. Katy feels dizzy and faint and has to be taken home from the cafe. Tracy tells Peter that she won't spill the beans to Shelley but that he must do it himself. Shelley asks Tracy to be a bridesmaid at the wedding; Tracy agrees to it. Craig says he wants to stay in to learn his lines for Bugsy Malone. Vera is delighted to see that their article is headline news in The Reporter: "Killer Suspect Robbed us Blind". Most everyone else is disgusted while Jack feels guilty. Boris Weaver is fed-up of being on his own in the butcher's; He closes up and gives the key to Fred. Ashley arrives back and feels guilty. Sally is angry at Rosie for having used her make-up and ruining it. Tommy is furious to see Craig's picture in the paper; he's worried that everyone will now know where they're living. Vera pushes a copy of the paper through Gail's letterbox. Gail is distraught when she reads it.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Concern for Gail grows; Peter gets his chance to come clean; and the Nelsons worry that press interest will blow their secret.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 14,210,000 viewers (6th place).
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