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Gail is concerned that everyone thinks she was in cahoots with Richard. Audrey suggests she make an appointment with a solicitor. Katy doesn't feel well, she's tired and listless and incredibly thirsty. Tommy lets her stay off school although Angela thinks she's putting it on. Craig tells the family that he's got the lead role in the school production of Bugsy Malone. Shelley arrives back from Bradford after visiting her sister Sharon, who is over the worst. The newspaper reporters are again sniffing round but not having much luck as the locals refuse to give anything away. Sally comforts Gail and tries to convince her that none of it is her fault. Gail is drinking again. Harry winds up the reporters by pretending to be a member of the SAS. Shelley asks Peter where he was when she tried to phone. He lies and says he was in the bath. Shelley believes him. Ken tells Sarah, Todd and Candice that Ade is now out of the remand centre and back home with his dad. Kevin comments on the change in Rosie from sweet little girl to bad-tempered teenager. Jack and Vera sell their story about Richard Hillman stealing their savings to the newspaper reporter for £500. They pose for photographs outside No.9. Craig looks towards the camera from the background and is captured on film.


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