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Tracy is about to tell Shelley the truth about Peter when she gets a phone call from her mum saying that her sister has been rushed into hospital with an ulcer. Tommy catches the man in the back garden. He's a journalist spying on the Hillmans. Tommy sends him packing. Boris Weaver calls in on Ashley and Fred saying he needs some help in the Butcher's Shop. Fred goes with him before Ashley has a chance to object. Rosie puts some old clothes on over the top of her party gear and leaves the house with Stacy Kingsbury. She bribes Sophie not to say anything. Ken has checked with Companies House and confirms Jack and Vera's worst suspicions that Richard has conned them out of their savings. The company doesn't exist. Jack and Vera are distraught. A worried Peter arrives at the pub thinking that Tracy will have spilt the beans to Shelley by now. He's relieved to find she hasn't as Shelley is too upset over her sister. The police call and tell Gail that there have been sightings of Richard in Liverpool and Newport, Shropshire. Gail agrees to let Martin move in and sleep on the sofa. Katy feels tired and thirsty but thinks nothing more of it. Gail is drinking heavily trying to forget all her recent horrors. Tracy again threatens Peter that she will tell Shelley everything if he doesn't.


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