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Gail, Sarah and David are horrified to find a whole crowd of journalists at their front door wanting to get the Richard story. Shelley and Peter move into the Rovers. Gail makes Sarah and David go to school despite the press pack at the door. Martin collects them and bundles them into the car. David is really upset. Jack and Vera start to worry about the money they invested with Richard. Jack tries to call the phone number on the statement that Richard gave them but there's no such number. Peter calls to see Lucy. She insists that he goes with her to the register office to make their wedding arrangements. Tracy turns up and tells Peter that unless he tells Shelley what he's up to she will do it for him. A journalist bangs on Ashley's door wanting his story on Richard. Fred sends them packing. Rosie and her new friend Stacy Kingsbury get ready for a party. Kevin is furious when he sees Rosie in a mini-skirt and her face plastered with make-up. He insists she gets changed. David is bullied by a lad, Mark Conlan. The lad calls David's dad a murderer. Craig tells Angela that he's just seen a man in the back gardens heading for No.8. Angela doesn't believe him. Tracy calls at the pub to see Shelley. She tells Shelley that there's some things about Peter that she needs to know.


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Vera Duckworth: "You couldn't pick a winner on a podium with a rosette on."
Jack Duckworth: "I know that, I picked you didn't I?"

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