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Audrey rushes round to No.8. She gets Martin to babysit while she takes Gail to the police station. Gail tells the police all that Richard has confessed to. The police get Steve and Karen out of bed and get Steve to show them the spot where he found the bracelet at The Ridings. The police then start excavating the site. Ken tells Peter that he and Deirdre would like to pay for the flowers at the wedding. Peter tries to call Lucy to get an answer to his proposal of marriage but she puts the phone down on him. Peter psyches himself up to tell Shelley that their engagement is off but is frustrated when they're interrupted. Shelley is none the wiser. Fred is lovingly looking after Joshua and Ashley is pleased to have moved on from the tragedy of his loss. Steve and Karen encounter Norris, who begins to rant about how people refused to take him seriously about the things he said about Richard from the start. Norris stops mid-short of his rant when Karen piques his interest by telling him of the suspected body buried at The Ridings. Audrey, Archie, Martin, Gail, Sarah and David are all at Audrey's house when the police call and tell them that they've found a body at The Ridings which they believe to be that of Patricia Hillman - his "missing" ex-wife. Gail is devastated whereas the kids, having not been told of all that is happening, are shocked.


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