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Richard confesses everything to a stunned Gail. He tries claiming he was just attempting to frame Ade for burglary when he broke into No.4 and had to attack Emily and Maxine when they interrupted him. Gail isn't fooled, knowing that he broke into the house specifically to kill Emily for her money on the equity release scheme. Richard admits to this and tells Gail the truth about his crimes one by one; leaving Duggie for dead; killing Patricia, attacking Emily and then murdering Maxine before framing Ade. He states that everything he did was for the family, but Gail realises that he also started the fire that nearly killed Audrey after making everyone think she was mad. It's all clear to Gail now that everything Audrey has said, among the reservations that both Archie and Norris had about Richard, are all true. The situation between Gail and Richard quickly escalates into an argument, which instantly wakes up both Sarah and David to the point where they listen in on the argument - knowing it's serious. While justifying his actions, Richard protests that he loves her and the kids so much that he only wanted to give them the best of everything and was willing to anything he could to protect them. He even argues to Gail that neither Brian nor Martin could have loved her as much as he does since her last spouses had betrayed her in the past with their "seedy little affairs", further professing that he would never betray her like that. He reveals that he can't have children himself and that is the reason that not only did he value David and Sarah as his "own" kids, but that was also why Marion had left him in the first place. Calling him "Norman Bates with a briefcase", Gail tells Richard that it is over between them and he leaves the house - ashamed with himself. Shortly afterwards, Gail phones Audrey and tearfully requests for her to come over.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Gail's world begins to fall apart when Richard confesses to a catalogue of crimes and ponders his next step.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 19,430,000 viewers (1st place). This was not only the highest-rated episode of the year but also the most-watched television programme in the UK in 2003 and of Coronation Street in the 2000s.
  • This episode was included on the following commercial releases:
  • This episode was added to streaming service BritBox in late 2020 under the Coronation Street: Greatest Episodes banner and included an introduction by Jack P. Shepherd.

Notable dialogue[]

Richard Hillman: "That's all I ever wanted to do - protect my family. To be everything my dad wasn't. Everything I've done is for you, Gail. I might be a killer, but I did it for you. I killed for you, Gail! Would any man you've ever known do that? Did Brian or Martin love you that much? They didn't even love you enough to stay with you. They betrayed you, like most men do, with their seedy little affairs. But I would never do that to you, if you live for a thousand years, you'll never find anyone who loves you more than me."


Gail Hillman: "You're twisted. You're Norman Bates with a briefcase. And I don't want you living under the same roof as my family." "

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