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Sarah receives a letter from Ade telling her that he's got fresh evidence proving his innocence. He later phones Sarah and asks her to visit him on Sunday. Richard buys the family a new people carrier. He takes them out in it and drives them to a new five bedroom house on which he's paid a refundable holding fee. Lucy shows Tracy the picture from her first scan. She tells Tracy that the baby's father proposed to her last night. Shelley looks after Joshua while Fred and Ashley go to the solicitors to get the results of the DNA test. The test proves that Ashley is not Joshua's biological father. Ashley is gutted. Karen has another set-to with Janice and Fiz. She manages to exert her authority successfully. She is annoyed with Joe when he steps in and lends his support without being asked. Steve is delighted that she's angry with Joe. Ashley takes Joshua for a walk. He takes him to No.4 where he talks out loud asking God what he's done to deserve so much misery. Martin calls round and he tells Martin that he's not the baby's father. However, he tells Martin that he still loves Joshua and intends to be the best father he can to him. Ashley is shocked when Fred says that now that he knows Joshua isn't really his grandson he's not sure if he can support him.


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Ashley Peacock: "What did I do wrong eh? What did I do that was so bad that you had to take everything away from me? I mean, is it too much to ask? Would it made a difference if he could have been mine? I mean, what is this... some kinda challenge? Well don't you think I've suffered enough? I mean, why don't you burn the house down, drive a lorry into it... strike me down with a flamin' bolt of lightning."

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