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Shelley is furious at Ciaran's cheek wanting to be best man at the wedding and annoyed with Peter for even discussing it with him. Les is depressed that Janice wants a divorce; he asks Fiz to try and persuade her otherwise. Steve plans a romantic day with Karen. He nips out for a bottle of wine and when he returns is annoyed to find Joe in the flat, Karen and Joe flirting with each other. Joe's electric has gone off and Karen insists that he stays for dinner. Sunita is delighted when Ciaran give her a bracelet and asks her out for dinner. Roy has a meeting with the landlord of the Victoria Street shop units who agrees to let him rent the old hardware shop and extend the cafe. Roy is pleased that he's scuppered Ciaran's plans. Harry offers to go clean No.4 so that Ashley can move back in. Ashley agrees but insists he goes with Harry. The police turn up in the Rovers and arrest Ciaran for being AWOL from the navy. Shelley is furious with Peter when she realises that he knew what Ciaran was up to. As Ciaran is dragged away he shouts at Shelley and intimates that he knows some dark secret that would affect her life.


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