Karen's new job as Underworld supervisor is getting her down. She feels an outcast from her mates. Janice continues to give her stick. Karen threatens to sack Janice but they both know she hasn't the authority. Angela suggests to Janice that she should report Karen to Mike. Angela and Janice start to warm to each other. Deirdre decides that she doesn't want her job back at the Corner Shop. She tells Dev. Ken is relieved. Tracy teases Dev, playing hard to get. Dev is frustrated. Les has a go at Maria for her affair with Toyah's boyfriend. Shelley sticks up for Maria. Les makes a point of letting Mick know that Janice got drunk and threw a pint of bitter all over Karen. Mick is unimpressed at her behaviour and tells Janice that as a copper he can't be seen to be mixing with violent drunken people. Janice takes this on board. Richard slips Todd £20 to take Sarah out on Valentine's Day so that he can have a romantic night in with Gail. Ciaran tells Peter that he would like to be his best man at the wedding. Karen tells Joe that she wants to step down as supervisor. Joe persuades her to give it another go, he says she's got what it takes and could be dynamite. Karen is flattered.


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