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Joe tells the girls that he is staying. Karen is more than a little pleased. Joe sacks Hayley from her position as supervisor. Sarah sees Audrey and tells her that one of Richard's home schemes paid out. The Underworld girls are shocked at Hayley's dismissal. Angela is elected to confront Joe. Dev hints to Steve that Joe and Karen have a "close" relationship. Infuriated that Angela will not talk to Joe, Karen confronts him herself. He gives her Hayley's old job. Todd and Sarah tell Gail that they are sleeping together. She is offended that they didn't tell her before it happened. Roy sacks Ciaran from the cafe believing him to be trying to woo his future clientele. He also tells Ciaran that he wants him to move out of his home. Hayley is upset. Audrey discovers that Ken has stopped going to see Aidan Critchley. Martin thanks Tommy for the ball, having realised that he was behind the whole scheme. Emily asks Norris to move back in to No.3 if he promises not to make allegations against Richard. Steve waits for Karen in the Rovers, getting more suspicious when Janice and Fiz tell him that she has stayed behind to talk to Joe. Sunita asks Ciaran to move in with her. Gail apologises to Sarah for reacting badly. Karen talks to Joe about her new responsibilities, and Steve bursts in to the Underworld office to find out what is going on between them. Steve accuses Karen of sleeping with Joe.


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