Hayley tries to persuade Roy to take up the offer of a partnership with Ciaran. Fiz reveals to Toyah that she thinks it is too soon for her to be moving in with John. Fred confides in Betty that he is worried about Ashley. John, getting nervous, asks Toyah to move in straight away, and she accepts. Ciaran offends Roy and his pride in the cafe whilst talking about ideas for improvements, which leads Roy to finally make up his mind and reject Ciaran's offer. Ashley tells Fred that he has booked the paternity test for Monday. Joe tells Mike that the Fletchers order was finished two days early, and is annoyed at Mike's indifferent response. Sarah suggestively reveals her plans to get some time alone with Todd that night. Candice asks Jason if he is still going to Sarah's party. Toyah tells Fiz that she is moving out today, and Fiz is taken aback. Fred tells Ashley that he is proud of him. Stuart Fletcher tells Joe that he has a proposition for him. Fiz tells Maria that Toyah has decided to move out that day. Todd buys condoms from Dev. Sunita comforts Ciaran after learning about his rejected offer. Martin tells Ashley that he needs to think carefully about the test. Joe tells Mike about Stuart's offer of running a new factory. Fiz snaps and reveals to Toyah that it was John who got Maria pregnant.


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