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Richard manages to regain his self-control and simply makes a nice speech about supporting Ashley in his time of need. Audrey is frustrated - she was convinced that he was about to confess to Maxine's murder. Ade is frustrated that his own father doesn't believe him. He takes his frustration out on Ken and tells him that he doesn't want to see him again. Maxine's burial takes place at the cemetery. Whilst the vicar is committing Maxine's body to the ground, Audrey suddenly flips and shouts across the grave calling Richard a murderer and saying that he killed Maxine. Archie calms her down. The funeral tea takes place in the Rovers. Ashley insists that Richard and Gail attend. He assures Richard that no one believes Audrey and her extraordinary accusations. Norris has to grovel to Les to let him move back in to No.5 and share with Kirk again when he finds out that Spider is staying for a while and Emily doesn't want him back. Les is easily persuaded when Norris offers a full week's rent upfront. Everyone congratulates Richard for his wonderful speech about Maxine. Audrey can't bear to watch Maxine's killer being hailed the hero of the hour.


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