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Ciaran has spent the night with Sunita. He arranges to see her again and she's delighted. Toyah tries to talk to Maria about the baby's father but Maria refuses to discuss it. Richard receives the cheque for £23,000 from an equity release scheme - he knows that this money could have saved Maxine's life. He pays it into the bank. Gail is appalled to learn Ken has been in to see Aidan and believes he's innocent, telling Ken she used to respect him but now finds him offensive. Norris overhears and starts to think Ken might be right. Roy tells Ciaran that he's got cold feet about expanding the cafe and going into partnership. Ashley asks Martin, Kevin and Curly to be pallbearers at Maxine's funeral. Ashley visits Emily. She tells Ashley how she wishes that she had died rather than Maxine. Ashley tells her that she mustn't think like that. Sarah tells Ken that she also thinks Ade is innocent and that he was far too drunk that night to have killed someone. Norris tells Emily that he thinks Ade is innocent and that he thinks Richard had something to do with the murder. Emily is disgusted with Norris and orders him to move out. Norris is gutted. Toyah buys Maria a present to cheer her up. Maria is wracked with guilt. Shelley finds out that Sunita is seeing Ciaran. Shelley feels betrayed. Richard is alarmed to hear Ken's theory of Aidan's innocence. Ashley is outraged to hear Ken's theory regarding Aidan.


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Gail Hillman: "You know what, Ken? I've always looked up to you and you might have letters after your name, but you're the most offensive and ignorant man I've ever met."


Ashley Peacock: "'How mad is this, Emily?"
Emily Bishop: "Unfathomable."
Ashley Peacock: "'I'm gonna ask you a question that I hate the most."
Emily Bishop: "How am I feeling? Alive. Alive, when I've no right to be."

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