The police interrogate Ashley over Maxine's death. Rita and Norris keep a vigil by Emily's bed. She's still critical. Police and reporters swarm all over the Street, questioning everybody. A distraught Fred and Doreen look after baby Joshua. Richard does his best to behave as normally as possible. Dev tells Roy that he's not going ahead with the amusement arcade. Steve tells Peter that he's taken the house off the market. Gail and Richard are interviewed by two detectives; Richard mentions Aidan and his scuffle with Ashley at the Rovers on the night. Fred closes the pub for the day as mark of respect. Audrey is devastated to hear of Maxine's death. The police raid the squat and arrest Aidan. They find the bag of stolen items from No.4 which Richard planted. Aidan protests his innocence but is led away. Ashley is released on bail. Richard sees Ade being frogmarched from the squat and put into a police car.


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  • Tracy Shaw makes a cameo appearance as Maxine Peacock in a scene showing footage taken on a camcorder.
  • TV Times synopsis: The residents try to come to terms with the murder, and the investigation closes in on the prime suspects.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 16,750,000 viewers (2nd place).
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