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Richard realises that he has no option but to kill Maxine too. He bludgeons Maxine to death with the crowbar as she tries to run. He then makes a mess of the room to look like a burglary that's gone wrong. He steals a few items which he then plants on Ade back in the squat. He returns Ade's clothes and disposes of the empty vodka bottle in a bin at the back of the Rovers. Richard then slips back into the pub as everyone sings Happy Birthday for Doreen, nobody having noticed his absence. Doreen gives a speech thanking everyone for their kindness and fond memories, making Richard uncomfortable. Steve and Dev leave the party to have a chat about the business. Tracy and Karen interrupt them and start bitching at each other. Todd and Sarah start going out with each other again. Todd is delighted. Ashley is ready to leave the party but Richard, knowing what he's about to go home to, buys him another drink. After talking about the future with Richard and Gail, he goes to join Maxine at home. Richard is pensive. Norris goes home to No.3. Ashley arrives home and discovers the carnage. He is devastated and cradles Maxine to him. Norris comes round wondering where Emily has got to. He takes in the horror before him and phones for an ambulance. Ashley is silent with shock. Norris goes to get Fred and Doreen from the pub. They are both horrified when they see the bodies of Maxine and Emily. The police arrive, and find Emily is still alive while Maxine is dead. Tracy's turn as a barmaid is a disaster; she's lazy, helps herself to drinks and is rude to customers. Shelley sacks her. The ambulance and more police turns up as the residents leave the pub and take in what's happening. The police arrest Ashley and take him to the station for questioning as he's covered in blood from Maxine and he was first at the scene. Richard is horrified when he learns that Emily is still alive.


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Richard Hillman: "'You should have stayed at the party, Maxine..."

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