Ken and Deirdre are doing their best to rebuild their relationship. Sarah agrees to help Todd plan something for his eighteenth birthday. Norris leaves for his passport course in Liverpool. Sarah visits Aidan in his squat again and tells him the outcome of Ken's court case. Peter offers £20,000 for No.11 but Steve turns it down but he doesn't know that it's Peter who's made the offer. Ashley and Maxine desperately want Fred and Doreen to call off their engagement but Fred and Doreen each think the other will be upset. Deirdre calls to see Dev, saying that she needs some time off. Dev is angry with her thinking that she confessed to Ken about their affair. Sunita overhears them and has to confess that she was the one who told Tracy. Peter ups his offer on No.11 to £20,500. Richard thinks that Emily is on her own at home. He approaches via the back yard intent on murdering her but is shocked when Toyah opens the door. He makes his excuses and leaves. Dev is furious with Sunita and blames her for being jealous. Sunita is very upset. Tracy tries to apologise for what happened about Dev and asks to move back in to No.1 but Deirdre throws Tracy out again, telling her not only because Tracy ruined her own marriage but she also then tried to wreck her relationship with Ken. Karen tells Dev that she and Steve do want him to take over half of Street Cars. She assures Dev that she will get Steve to agree to it.


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Emily Bishop: "Norris, if this passport conference leaves you with one piece of advice about dealing with applicants, I hope it's that it's very, very irritating to be spoken to like a child."

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