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Dev arranges to take Tracy out. Tracy agrees but later stands him up. Dev is very angry. Deirdre is delighted as she thinks Tracy has dumped him. Eileen tells Todd and Jason that the house is being sold. Roy tells Ciaran that they no longer need him in the cafe. However Aidan comes into the cafe and tries to steal a customer's bag. Roy tries to stop him, there's a scuffle and Ciaran comes to Roy's rescue. Later Toyah asks if she can cut her hours at the cafe down and so Hayley insists that they keep Ciaran on. Ciaran is delighted. John Arnley calls round to see Maria - he knows that Toyah is out. Sarah visits Ade again. She feels sorry for him when he explains how his mum left and he had a fight with his dad. She promises to bring him food and money. John and Maria end up in bed and have passionate sex. As soon as it's over Maria is guilt-ridden realising how she's betrayed her friend. She chucks John out. Deirdre is so thrilled that Tracy has stood Dev up that she takes Ken out for dinner. John is just leaving the flat when Fiz arrives back. Fiz can see what's been going on and is disgusted, especially with Maria.


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