Len and Jerry recce the brewery before starting work on the contract. Len gets excited when he finds out the workers there drink on the job. Emily gets her work permit for Majorca, four days before leaving Gamma Garments. Annie is appalled that she's chosen Majorca over her father. Jackie brings her suitcase to work, expecting Ken to meet her there. Albert writes to the Barlows from Cleveleys, penning an identical letter to both families. Val packs special things for Ken's 'conference'. Ken feels guilty and decides to stay at home. Dennis comes down with the cold after helping Jed on the market. The regulars are shocked when Jed brings waxworks of Mahatma Gandhi and Charlie Chaplin into the Rovers after buying them to make his market stall stand out. Emily settles Gamma's debts ahead of her departure. Annie is creeped out by the waxworks and refuses to help Jack behind the bar until they've been removed. Ken is an hour late meeting Jackie. She realises from his manner that their relationship is over. The residents attempt to identify Jed's waxwork heads but can't agree on who they are supposed to be. Jerry takes Jed to task for disrespecting Gandhi, leading him to remove the waxworks. Jackie doesn't see what's changed but Ken holds firm and tells her he can't see her any more. Emily becomes guilt-ridden when Minnie goes on about her late mother and how she cared for her.


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