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Tracy loafs around the house all day and despite Deirdre's best efforts, refuses to even phone Robert Preston. Norris is back from hospital and wearing a neck brace. He tells Audrey that he has never trusted Richard and he believes all she says about him. Vera takes Ciaran on at the cafe as Roy is still away and Ciaran was a chef in the navy. Norris tells Audrey that now she's changed her will he fears that Richard will be out to try to kill Emily. Peter and Shelley are upset that Ciaran is still around and working in the cafe. Tracy takes her wedding ring off and throws it on the fire. Deirdre is upset. Todd thinks he spots someone with a torch in Sally's old hardware shop which is now empty but Sarah thinks he's imagining it. Richard tells Audrey that she'll never get Gail or the children to believe her story. Tracy gets all dolled-up for a date with Ciaran but bumps into Dev instead. She ends up back at Dev's flat and they have sex.


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