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Emily is looking really ill - Richard is quietly pleased. Sunita tells Peter and Shelley that she would like to join them for Christmas dinner at No.1. Tyrone and Kirk follow Jason to work and to their delight find out he's one of Santa's elves in a department store grotto. They go and get Todd so he can see Jason in his elf costume too. Toyah persuades Hayley that she should join them for Christmas lunch. Richard has a meeting with bank manager Keith Greenacre, who tells Richard that he will allow him another month until starting bankruptcy proceedings - unless he can reduce his debt by £15,000. Peter and Shelley's engagement party takes place in the Rovers. Peter gives Shelley a ring, she's delighted. Peter's old navy friends turn up and so does Ciaran McCarthy, who says he wants to be friends again but Peter throws him out. The Hillmans leave for the pantomime. Audrey and Archie let themselves into No.8 and start going through Richard's papers and computer. Audrey discovers that he has got Gail to remortgage the house and that he has a lot of money tied up in Emily's house. Bethany spills a drink in the car and the family return home so that Sarah and Gail can change their clothes. They catch Audrey and Archie red-handed. Audrey pleads with Gail to see Richard for what he is, a murderer and a crook but Gail throws her mother out saying she's mad.


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Audrey Roberts (to Archie Shuttleworth): "There's an old sayin' that my Alfie were really fond of. 'All it takes for evil to succeed is for good people to do nothing'... Well I am not gonna do nothing".

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