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Karen tells Steve that they've no option but to sell No.11 to raise some capital to save Street Cars. Katy starts work at Roy's Rolls. Hayley is upset as Roy can't get a flight back from Paxos until after Boxing Day. Tyrone and Kirk are suspicious of Jason's job and are desperately trying to find out what he's really up to. Emily has a touch of flu and Richard looks hopeful. Blanche invites herself to Christmas dinner at Emily's house. Patrick Tussel is kept on at Street Cars as they're a driver down now that Vik has gone. The Hillmans go Christmas shopping. Audrey formulates a plan to let herself into their house while they're at a pantomime tomorrow night and look for clues in Richard's briefcase. She tells Archie her plan but he's unhappy about it. Shelley tells Sunita that it's time she was more assertive and went out and found a man. Sunita takes this on board and admits to Dev that she's in love with him. He tells her he already knew but he doesn't feel the same way. Steve tells Eileen that he's got to sell the house. Eileen is gutted.


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Blanche Hunt (to Shelley Unwin): "You've not tried Deirdre's turkey. It's bad enough the poor bird has to die for us dinner without getting cremated after. She gets it from her father's side. If he boiled water, it'd stick to the pan."

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