Karen has the idea that they could sell Vik's car and pay off the tax bill. It is Richard's birthday and David buys him a remote-controlled rat. Karen and Maria commiserate with each other about Vik and the fact that they both unwittingly carried drugs for him. Richard's bank manager demands another meeting with him. Damian Rodd, the debt collector, calls at Street Cars looking for Vik. He threatens to beat up Steve if he doesn't hand over Vik's car keys. Steve has no choice but to do as he asks. Damian drives off in Vik's BMW. Steve waves goodbye to his tax money. Angela fixes Katy up with a Saturday job at Roy’s Rolls. Audrey calls round to give Richard a birthday card and see the kids. Maria asks Jason some awkward questions about his new job at Q Bar. He has to lie his way out of it. Audrey overhears Richard talking to Gail about the bank manager panicking and their cash flow glitch. Richard offers to drive her back to Archie's house and she has to accept. Hayley is expecting Roy back home but she finds out that his flight has been cancelled. Steve is gutted when he realises that not only have they lost Vik's car but they are still paying £400 per month for it on direct debit. Richard quizzes Audrey closely about her appointment with the psychiatrist as he knows quite well that she's perfectly sane.


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