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Angela feels guilty at having let their secret slip to Hayley. She can't bring herself to tell Tommy. She makes Hayley promise to keep it to herself. Dev finds out that Vik has taken Karen and Steve to Tenerife and assumes that he's used the money he gave Vik to pay off his debt. He's very angry. Sarah makes an effort to be friendly to Katy but Candice upsets her by saying that her dad must be a criminal on the run from the police. Kevin finds a wallet on the floor of the garage which contains a union card with the name "Harris" on it. He assumes it was dropped by a customer. Patrick Tussel, an old taxi driver friend of Eileen's starts work at Street Cars, helping out while Steve and Vik are away. Roy leaves for his week in Paxos. Fiz and Maria meet John Arnley, Toyah's new boyfriend. They are shocked to find that he's thirty-five and is Toyah's lecturer at college. Tommy offers to buy a drink for Kevin and Tyrone. Tommy pulls out the wallet which Kevin found earlier. Kevin accuses Tommy of having stolen it. Tommy is adamant that it's his wallet but can't explain to Kevin why it has the name "Harris" in it. Kevin sacks him, calling him a thief.


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