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Tommy decides to help the police over Blanche's mugging but when he's asked to watch an identity parade he refuses. The locals are disgusted with him and shun the Nelson family all the more. Toyah arrives home really happy having spent the night with her new boyfriend, John Arnley. The factory girls give Angela a really hard time. Hayley sticks up for her. The factory Christmas party takes place. Les gatecrashes the party but wishes he hadn't when the girls dress him up in knickers and bra, tie him up and evict him outside in a skip. Someone drops out of the Weatherfield Historical Society trip to Paxos and Hayley insists that Roy should take their place. Angela and Tommy are subjected to the wrath of all the locals in the Rovers for not helping the police to catch Blanche's attacker. Karen gives Joe a Christmas kiss which is seen by Steve. He is furious but Karen manages to persuade him that it meant nothing. Karen, Steve and Vik leave for Tenerife. Angela finally cracks and tells Hayley how scared she and her family are - she explains to Hayley that they are under the witness protection scheme as there are people who want to kill her and her family.


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Roy Cropper: "Unruly females and excessive alcohol can be a dangerous cocktail and, although I'm not a superstitious man, it is Friday the 13th."


Rita Sullivan (to Norris Cole): "If you were any more weak, you'd be a fortnight."

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