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The Hillmans worry about Sarah going out alone after Audrey's attempted kidnap. Kevin surprises Sally by wearing his old wedding suit and having Rosie draw a fake moustache on his face. Archie is angry with Audrey for trying to take the kids. He thinks she has made things worse for herself. Sally overhears Peter talking to Lucy. She knows he is up to no good. The Nelsons are finding it hard to get used to their new life. Katy blames Angela. David is upset that he was not told earlier about Audrey's condition. Peter tells Vik that he has cancelled his slate after running up a £1,000 debt in one week. Roy refuses to shut the cafe early, despite pleas from Jack and Vera and even though there are no customers. Sally and Alex Jordan have a drink together and discuss what colours to paint her house. Martin tells Gail and Richard that they could get Audrey sectioned. When he mentions that there will be doctor assessments, Richard makes excuses not to. Emma meets work colleague Mick Hopwood in the Rovers for a drink. Curly is not happy about it. Peter goes to see Lucy. He feels bad that all they do is go to bed together. He decides to take her out on a proper date. Rosie gossips about Craig to David. She obviously has a crush on Craig. Audrey goes to No.8 and tells Gail and Richard that she has changed her will so that Gail gets nothing. Richard realises that his plan is ruined.


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