Gail and Richard tell Sarah that Audrey has dementia and from now on needs constant looking after. Katy and Craig get ready for their first day at school. Katy is missing her friends. Richard tells Rita and Archie that Audrey is not well mentally and cannot have visitors, so is not happy when he finds Fred at their house talking to Audrey. Mike tells Doreen that they should just stick to chats in the Rovers until she's divorced. Richard won't let Audrey go out alone. Audrey breaks down to Gail. Vik puts another bet on. Sally tells him that her dad was a compulsive gambler and she knows the signs. Vik's horse loses again. Audrey overhears Richard telling Gail that they should get power of attorney on her estate and suddenly starts to get suspicious. Vik transfers £2,000 of Street Cars money to his personal account. David and Craig make friends and walk back from school together. Audrey sneaks out of the house. David sees her and tells Gail and Richard. Richard follows her along the canal to Archie's house. Peter tells Lucy that he doesn't want to lose her and they make up. Peter later goes home and tells Shelley how much he loves her. Audrey reaches Archie's house followed soon after by Richard. She begs Archie to let her stay and he tells Richard that it's best if she stays the night. Once safely indoors she tells Archie that she's realised that Richard is after her money and has been trying to kill her.


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