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Steve is congratulated about his heroism in saving Audrey. Richard tells Archie that he is not celebrating because the fire has proved that Audrey is becoming a danger to herself. The Nelson family move into No.6. Blanche immediately starts gossiping about them when Angela doesn't acknowledge her and Vera, but rushes into their new house. Audrey breaks down to Gail, as she is scared about what is happening to her. Richard shows the fire investigator round the house and is relieved to hear that there is no suspicion and the fire will be reported as an accident. Lucy brings flowers to the street for Audrey. Archie sees her and invites her for a drink in the Rovers. She meets Shelley. When Peter sees Shelley and Lucy together he panics and follows Lucy outside when she leaves. He is furious and tells her not to go near Shelley again. Audrey moves into No.8 and David moves in with Martin. Maxine and Doreen pop round to meet the Nelsons, bringing them a cup of sugar. Doreen gets a letter from the solicitors saying that Derek has made Mike a co-respondent in the divorce. She tells Mike but he wants nothing to do with it. Audrey asks Gail to rebook her an appointment with the specialist. Richard checks Audrey's pills with Martin. He decides to look after them in case she overdoses.


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