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Audrey's house is in flames as Richard returns to No.8. Steve brings Audrey's glasses that she left in his taxi into the Rovers and gives them to Archie. He tries to phone Audrey but the call is unable to connect. Archie is worried so persuades Steve to drive him round to Audrey's house. Peter is jealous about Lucy's ex Dan Kelly. Lucy tells him that nothing is going on but if he has got Shelley, then she can see other people too. Emma and Curly talk. She wants another baby but he doesn't want to stay at home and bring up another child. Audrey wakes up to find her house on fire. She runs downstairs but trips, falls down the stairs and ends up face down and unconscious. Steve and Archie arrive at Audrey's house and see the fire. Archie calls for an ambulance and Steve smashes the front door, goes into the house and drags Audrey out. The paramedics arrive and take Audrey and Steve to hospital in an ambulance. Archie goes round to tell Gail and Richard the news. Gail panics and she and Richard go to the hospital. Richard looks satisfied that Audrey is in intensive care. Sarah is worried about Audrey and breaks down to Archie and David. Gail and Richard are told that Audrey is going to be okay. Richard can't believe it.


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Fred Elliott: "I'll have you know that in my early days, I were favourably compared to Nijinsky."
Rita Sullivan: "What? the ballet dancer? Or the racehorse."

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