Jed tells Minnie he's come to stay and pays a month's rent in advance. Jed helps Minnie forget her problems. Skinny Williams unloads a van-full of gear into No.5 for Jed to sell. The residents react to Emily's announcement that she's emigrating to Majorca to work at a friend's souvenir shop. Emily tells them she met the man on holiday and he later wrote to her offering her the job. Emily gets drunk on Lionel's champagne to celebrate her departure. Annie thinks she's had enough when she uses the word "wacko". Dennis mourns his lost youth. Jerry joins him, grumbling about Len. Jed announces his presence in the Rovers and tries to flog the Walkers a fruit machine. Jack tells him to get rid of it as they don't have a gambling licence. Minnie doesn't care why Jed is back but Ena is interested. Jed gets the truth out about Fred Nuttall out of Minnie and promises to sort him out. Minnie admits to Ena that she owes £17. Jed does some digging and discovers she really owes £13, with the rest being interest. Emily resigns from Gamma Garments. Nuttall threatens to have Minnie blacklisted if she doesn't pay up. Ena pays him £13 plus £2 interest and makes Nuttall accept it by threatening to tell the papers he's been badgering an old woman. Dennis and Jed rope Nuttall into paying them £20 for a load of socks which are rejects. Elsie sees Ken and Jackie kissing outside a pub.


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