Audrey is blaming herself for Sarah's accident. Had she not let Sarah go out none of this would have happened. Richard comforts her. Hayley tries to talk to Dev about the amusement arcade proposal but he refuses to listen. Hayley is disgusted with him. Todd goes to the hospital and just sits hoping to be allowed to see Sarah. Curly confides in Sunita that Emma wants another baby. He tells Sunita that he doesn't feel ready yet. A girl, Kelly Ratledge, walks into the Rovers and hits Maria, calling her a slag. Maria is stunned until she finds out that the lad she got off with the previous night is engaged to the girl shouting at her. Candice tells Aidan that if Sarah dies she will go straight to the Police and report him. Aidan is scared. Vik asks Maria out on a date. She accepts. Todd is allowed into the intensive care unit to see Sarah. She is still in a coma. Todd chats away to her and as he does her eyes flick open. Richard spots Aidan in the Street and chases him. He's just about to hit him when Gail runs up and stops him. Gail then lashes out at Ade instead. Todd notices Sarah's eyes flickering and calls the nurse. Gail rushes to her bedside.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Todd realises the moment of truth has arrived and reveals all to the love of his life; Ade is cornered by a furious Richard; and Dev faces the wrath of angry residents.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 13,330,000 viewers (5th place).
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