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Sarah is trapped in the car and seriously injured. Aidan can't tell if she's dead or alive but he climbs out of the crashed car and runs away. Gail is furious with Richard and starts dragging up all the lies he's told her; the ex-wife, the bracelet. He tries to explain that the money will be well spent when Chris Melton stops the bail hostel application from going through. The fire brigade have to cut Sarah from the car and she is then taken by ambulance to intensive care. Emma is at the scene; she visits No.8 to break the news to the Hillmans that Sarah is critically ill in hospital. PC Hopwood calls at No.1 and tells Ken that they've found his car, crashed with Sarah trapped in the passenger seat. Ken is shocked and blames himself for not reporting the car earlier. Peter arrives back late from Lucy's flat but Shelley is just relieved to see him as she was worried that he might have been in Ken's car. Gail, Richard and Audrey go to the hospital. Gail can't believe that Sarah might die, or be brain damaged. Aidan calls round to Candice's house and tells her about the crash. He tries to convince her that she's involved as well but she throws him out, disgusted with him.


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