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Les is depressed about his failure with Janice. Audrey looks after the kids for the last day before Gail and Richard are due back. Sarah is upset to find out that Ade has told Candice about nicking Ken's car. Candice tells Sarah that Ade's dumped her for her. Deirdre deduces that the only person who could have had easy access to Ken's car keys was Aidan when he was working at the garage. Ken thinks she’s wrong. Sarah and Candice have a huge fight over Ade. Martin tells Curly he’s jealous of Emma still having a job. David gives Mr Woo chocolates and he calms down. Norris takes note. Ade loves the attention from the girls and tells them both to meet him at 11.00pm but Sarah can't. Ade tells Ken how productive he found it working at the garage. Norris keeps feeding Mr Woo chocolates and the dog becomes friendly towards him. Norris tells Emma that Ben said that word "dog" the other day. She realises that she's missing out on Ben's childhood. She and Curly apologise to each other. Audrey agrees to babysit for Sarah so she can go out. Janice tells Les she's still fond of him and wants to be just friends. Les tells Kirk he's still in a chance with her. Maria is upsetting some of the customers as she always serves the good-looking men before the women. Ken thinks Deirdre might be right about Ade. Candice and Sarah turn up to wait for him. Curly is shocked when Emma suggests that they should try for another baby. Ade arrives driving Ken's car. Sarah is shocked. Ade dares them to get in. Sarah refuses but Candice climbs in and they drive off together. Sarah is very upset.


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