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Gail and Richard get ready for their holiday. Emily is filling in for Rita in The Kabin while Rita goes on a cruise with Mavis. Despite working there before, Norris takes it upon himself to train Emily in the running of the shop, much to Emily's frustration. Diana Black calls Rita to say she is going to America so Rita has to take the dog now. Les brings Mr Woo round to Rita in the taxi. However, the dog leaves Les an unpleasant deposit on the back seat. Audrey writes a checklist for while Gail is away as she is worried about her memory. To Norris's disgust, Emily agrees to look after Mr Woo while Rita is away. Richard nearly gets caught by Audrey when he goes into the salon, turns the tap on and rubs out appointments in the appointment book. Nobody told Martin that Gail was going away so when Audrey asks for his help with the kids he refuses. Lucy and Peter help a woman, Annie Woodford, who is mugged. Les tells Kirk he might have to find somewhere else to live as Janice will not help him fool the council into thinking she is still living with him. Sunita feels a fool when Dev says he should not have told her about his problems as she only works in his shop. Richard steals Audrey's checklist before leaving for Spain.


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