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Gail begins making arrangements for the kids to be out when Charlotte Morris comes for dinner. Richard tries to persuade Gail to cancel the dinner arrangement but to no avail. Archie tries to reassure Audrey that she is not losing her marbles. However, later she refuses to look after the kids for Gail as she feels that she cannot trust herself. Richard thinks Audrey has done him a favour and the dinner will be cancelled but Gail tells him that Martin is looking after the kids. Dev tells Sunita about Joe's proposal. Sunita is shocked that Dev didn't tell Joe that he had already dropped the charges. Maria tells Toyah why she left Nick. They have a giggle leaving Fiz feeling left out. That night it is Toyah who feels left out when Maria goes on a date. Tyrone tells Aidan about his joyriding days, giving Aidan ideas. Todd tells Eileen, in confidence, that his form tutor thinks that he is Oxbridge material. Eileen is so proud she spends the rest of the day telling everyone all about it. Joe speaks to Dev and agrees to publicly dump Geena in the Rovers that night. Later on, Dev tells Geena about his deal with Joe and how he has already dropped the charges. It is up to her what she decides to do. Sunita agrees to have dinner with Shelley. She clearly has things on her mind so Peter says he will cook for them and then go out. He goes to see Lucy. Aidan arranges for a taxi to take himself, Candice and Sarah to a bar. Gail is ready for dinner. Richard spots that she is wearing the bracelet he gave her. During dinner, Charlotte recognises the bracelet as Patricia's and confronts Richard.


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