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Peter tells Shelley he is going bowling and to the casino with the lads. He's wearing his new shirt and secretly meets Lucy in a bar in town. Eileen tells Jason that she got a good tip on the horse, "Bertie's Dream" from Vik. Kevin overhears their conversation and news on "Bertie's Dream" travels fast. Les receives a letter from the council. They will send a housing officer round to discuss his relationship with Kirk. Kirk is horrified about possibly being evicted as he has nowhere else to go and Les is behind with the rent. Richard expresses his upset about the finding of Patricia's body to Gail. The police say the death wasn't suspicious. He feels responsible and asks Archie to hurry through a cremation. Geena tells Sunita that she will get back with Dev to keep Joe out of prison and agrees to meet him for a drink. Sunita is concerned about Geena's plans to hurt Dev. Ken asks Kevin if Aidan can do work experience at the garage for a week. For the same scheme Candice will be at the salon and Sarah at the crèche. Rita asks Audrey if there was any news on the mystery washing. She plays it down saying it must be old age. They discuss Richard's ex-wife and Norris says he will keep his opinion on Richard to himself. Kevin places a bet. Sally tells Peter how many bets have been placed on it. They could lose out if it wins. The Rovers is packed as everyone waits for the race to start. Lucy invites Peter back to her flat for a "coffee" - he obliges.


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