The residents continue to celebrate Stan's pool win. Hilda can't bring herself to tell Stan that she filled out the coupon with the winning results and runs away from the party. Stan plans a trip to London with everyone to receive the cheque. Minnie hasn't any coal or money. Emily confesses her loneliness to her. Having heard the news, Irma goes to find her mum and hears that Stan hasn't won anything. David fetches Stan home in order that Hilda can break the news to Stan. She takes some Dutch courage and does so. He goes berserk and tries to kill her - she escapes. The next day, Clara and Ena blame each other for Minnie's money problems. Stan has a hangover while Jerry fixes the damage he did to the house in his rage. Hilda sports a black eye. Lionel shows David the workings of the Corner Shop. Annie gives Stan a bill for £6, 18/6 for the drinks. Ken calls on Jackie and they exchange a kiss.


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