Geena tells Sunita that she's made up with Joe again. Sunita is pleased as it keeps Geena away from Dev. Sarah tells Gail that David is being bullied at school; Gail threatens to speak to Ken - his form teacher. David is distraught as he knows this would make things even worse. Roy and Emily collect signatures for the petition against the arcade. Geena tells Joe that she loves him but even though he says the same to her she thinks he is just using her. He asks her to talk to Dev to get him to drop the charges. Curly explains to Les that Kirk isn't on the rent book and the only way he could be put on would be if they were boyfriends. Les and Kirk decide to write a letter to the council explaining that they're a "loving couple" to try to avoid eviction. Peter calls in to a flower shop en route back from London. He flirts with the florist, Lucy Richards, who sells him some lilies. Geena goes to see Dev who agrees to drop the charges against Joe on condition that Geena finishes with Joe; Geena is in turmoil.


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