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Joe is looking for Dev - he's very angry. Peter tells Shelley he's been invited to a reunion in London with his old mates from the navy. Audrey is amazed to find she's left the radio on at home and tells Gail and Richard that she's worried about her memory. He is quietly pleased that his plan is working. Maxine tells Ashley that Doreen is filing for divorce from Derek. Ashley is secretly pleased as he hopes this will mean she'll get her own place to live. Geena has it out with Joe and he promises there'll be no more lies in future. Les's Chair wins first prize and Toyah gets £500. Les turns up at the exhibition and at first is proud that Toyah has used his chair, until Councillor Naysmith points out that it stands for the yob culture of today. Les is very upset and hurt by Toyah. Audrey tells Gail that she's concerned about David who seems very quiet. Joe has a run-in with Dev in the Rovers and throws a punch at him. A fight ensues. Geena tells Joe that she can't trust him any more and finishes with him. Joe's gutted.


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Toyah Battersby (explaining Les's Chair): "It's all about the decline in working-class culture. When you think what it used to be like... community living, self-improvement, people like D.H. Lawrence educating himself from nothing... well, all that's gone now. Instead all you've got left is, well... emptiness."

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