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Mike points out to Joe that if the police do catch up with him, Mike himself will also be in trouble as an accessory having lied to them. Joe promises never to do anything like this again. Joshua's christening takes place. Maxine and Ashley hope that it will bring Maxine's parents back together but Derek and Doreen have an almighty row during the party at No.4 afterwards. Gordon Holness, the photographer turns up at No.8 to take the family portrait. Richard steals Audrey's keys from her handbag, nips out, gets some copies made and then replaces the keys without anyone knowing. Dev tells Mike that he didn't go to the police. Mike believes him. Mike points out to Joe that he may have got their stock back from Naveen but now they have no buyer for it, so they're no better off. Dev tells Sunita that despite all his girlfriends he's lonely. Sunita admits that she is too. She tells him that she has no-one to take to her friend's wedding and Dev offers to go with her. Sunita is thrilled.


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